When being in a relationship, a lot of compromises must be made to keep things running like a well oiled machine. By keeping things in a happy medium things will go well. If you start becoming too selfish, you can ruin the relationship. If you get too comfortable, you can ruin the relationship. If you start becoming too jealous, this can also ruin a relationship. Not avoiding these pitfalls can diminish your love.

1. Becoming Selfish

Becoming too selfish in a relationship is a huge problem. If you just keep worrying about how you feel and what you want, this will start to make your partner feel as if the relationship is one-sided. Being selfish makes you become neglectful to what your partner wants and unconcerned for their needs; this will conjure up some pretty heated arguments and fights. By becoming too selfish, it not only will ruin your relationship but weaken other areas in your life like your friends, family and work.

2. Growing Jealous

Jealousy in a relationship is something that every couple goes through but when it starts to get the better of you it begins a strain on the trust that you two share; this is when it will create problems and pending demise of your relationship. If you have to constantly keep tabs on where your partner is at, it will make you seem like more of a parent than a partner. With jealousy being a big problem and source of many fights, it would be wise to sit down with your partner and explain to them why you are so jealous. It can help you ease the thoughts running through your mind when they are not around.

3. Growing Comfortable

The last thing that can ruin a relationship is getting too comfortable. This stage of a relationship happens when you feel like you don’t need to keep up the image you had when you first met your partner. You can be really secure with your partner that no matter what you do, they will except you for you. Watch out for this kind of mentality because getting lazy, gaining a little weight, or letting your hygiene get out of control can stir up up a mess with your relationship.

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