Dental implants have been around for many years, but they are not widely used today because of one main reason; they are costly. Most insurance companies won’t cover the cost of dental implants. They aren’t considered cosmetic. When you need to replace your teeth, it is best to keep these costs in mind because they are very high.


Dental Implants are titanium anchored posts that are surgically put into your mouth through surgery. They are generally made out of titanium and other materials that bond together with your jaw bone during the surgery to support that anchor. Once the surgery has gone through, and the dental implants have been installed permanently into the bone of your mouth, then the dentists can replace your toothbrush. The after-effects can be very good because they can replace all the bone in your mouth, allowing you to chew food more comfortably and have a giant smile.

One of the most common reasons you need to restore your teeth with dental implants by in Baton Rouge is because they are not strong enough to hold on to an entire arch. Usually, there will be a complete arch missing when there is a tooth missing or some teeth lost. This can be very difficult to fix and can cause the mouth to open at weird angles when opening the mouth. This is usually called an open bite. There are many different causes of this problem, such as improper dental hygiene or disease. It can be challenging to restore your open bite to the way it was before the dental implants. This means that if your dentist recommends this surgery for your mouth, they will advise you to have the rest of your jawbone replaced.

To Replace a Damaged Or Missing Tooth

Another reason why dental implants may be recommended to replace a damaged or missing tooth is that they cannot be adequately fixed by the natural tooth which was once attached to your mouth. When your natural tooth has died, and you cannot eat any foods that use that tooth, it is difficult to eat some foods because your natural tooth cannot stand the acid of certain things. This means your dental implants cannot correctly support your gums. When you get dental implants, it is straightforward for them to keep your gums because your root’s bone is glued to the gum tissue.

Something else that happens with dental implants is that the person who has had them will not need to get any filling material put into the mouth. Usually, when a tooth is missing and cannot replace it with another tooth, you can use porcelain or composite fillers in the missing area and make your teeth feel like new. However, with dental implants, you do not have to worry about this because they already fill the cavity where the natural tooth used to reside. With natural teeth, you have to get filler materials placed into your mouth to get your teeth to feel good. You can never predict how your gums will react with these fillers, but with dental implants, your gums never have to feel bad because they are protected by the bone that supports them.

So, now you know what happens when you have dental implants. One of the best parts about having dental implants is that you do not have to worry about any of the problems that occur with missing teeth. You never have to get any Fillings. You never have to get any caps. You never have to deal with your bones healing, and you never have to get any replacement molars. The titanium is secure, and the titanium is the supporting element. All you have to do is place the titanium into the jawbone, and you have a beautiful smile.