Global State Of COVID-19 In 2022 and What Northshore Clinical Labs Is Doing to Provide Support

ByDebra M. Cook

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Since the annunciation of the first coronavirus infection in December 2019, statistics indicate that confirmed cases have reached 476,374,234 globally. Also, over 6,108,976 people have lost their lives through Coronavirus as of March 25, 2022.

Over 200 countries and territories worldwide have since been affected, and almost everyone felt the impacts of the virus. Thankfully, world governments and healthcare professionals have done everything to ensure the virus remains under control.

Private organizations and clinics like Northshore Clinical labs are not lagging in the fight. Here’s what’s going on in the scope of COVID-19 infections and what Northshore Clinical labs is doing to support the population amidst the pandemics evolution.

What is the State of the Coronavirus as of March 2022?


COVID-19 has been a great scare with the death toll at 6.1 million worldwide as of March 2022. The statistics aren’t just scary, but a prominent call to everyone that the world still requires more vigilance as the virus has proven its mutation ability and has kept outgrowing measures by arriving in more variants.

The latest variant, Omicron, hasn’t spared lives either. It’s effortless to note from statistics that the reports of new infections and death cases have sharply escalated since the World Health Organization (WHO) named Omicron a few months ago.

Different countries worldwide are still struggling to cope with the situation and restore normalcy. China, for instance, is calling out for more precise measures to restore the country from a more than two-year struggle with the virus.

Likewise, scientists take Hong Kong as a case study on Omicron’s dangers in this dense city. The population isn’t the only risk factor, as the town hosts many unvaccinated old and vulnerable groups. Hong Kong was lucky as the previous coronavirus variants nearly never touched the city. But, the wave of Omicron hitting the city is scary, and they’re currently tightening rules to curb the spread.

The situation calls for a united vigilance from everyone. As governments advise, you need to make it an obligation to keep yourself and those around you safe. Consider the various restrictions, take the vaccine, and stay up-to-date with boosters.

Is there Any Glitter of Hope?


The panic and fear around COVID-19 have leveled off a bit, and more countries are attempting to resume normalcy after the sweep of the virus. The South African government, for example, is planning to begin easing the COVID-19 restrictions starting March 30, 2022.

Likewise, different countries in Europe have started effecting the change, citing that the disease has reached a manageable state. However, a new era of increasing recent infection reports from 18 European countries is raising eyebrows about the reality of the situation.

According to statistics, France, Germany, Britain, and Italy, among other European countries, have reported a spike in the reports of new COVID-19 infections. Europe’s regional WHO Director, Dr. Hans Kluge, relates the new rising cases to the authorities’ haste in easing the restrictions. He said that the jurisdictions are taking bigger steps in releasing the rules and exposing the public to the dangers.

Despite the seemingly declining reports, the reaction and reports from the countries lifting the restrictions and attempting to resume normalcy is another call to show you that the war isn’t over yet. Thus, your caution is critical in preserving your health and the health of those around you.

What Are Health Professionals Doing to Help the Situation?


Scientists and specialists worldwide constantly issue reports on the risks, advice on safety measures, and new information on the state of the virus. Similarly, they’re developing new tools to sustain the spread.

WHO has announced over nine different vaccines to boost immunity and curb the spread.

Following the rollout, up to 10,925,055,390 people have received vaccinations globally, and a good percentage are on their first, second, or third booster injections. Massive testing, isolation, and treatment of suspected cases are also ongoing to minimize the spread.

Northshore Clinical Labs has been an ongoing participant in this fight and continues to do so as we enter into the new year.

What Are Northshore Clinical Labs Doing?

Northshore Clinical Labs is a high-capacity laboratory serving the Chicago, IL area and its surroundings. Their commendable efforts to positively impact the community during the pandemic have been ongoing and ever-evolving, offering standard testing services, charitable fundraising, donations, and on-site support.

Northshore processes up to 20,000 COVID-19 tests daily and works 24/7 to ensure that services are available at the time of need. Northshore partners with various agencies, organizations, businesses, churches, nursing homes, community clinics, and summer camps to provide support with testing and vaccine events in areas that need it most.

The laboratory continues to invest in the latest technology, equipment, highly-trained staff, and processes to set itself ahead of its patients’ expectations. The lab also maintains a close working relationship with different health sectors to ensure that it provides reliable and premium quality COVID-19 and other non-COVID-related testing and diagnostics.


Northshore provides services to the most vulnerable groups that risk exposure to the virus. These communities include summer camps, where they provide necessary testing for children and instructors to ensure the safety and ongoing participation of camp attendees and staff. Also, they serve nursing homes and special-care units to provide quick and reliable testing. Similarly, students in school can continue attending class on a regular schedule with the Test-To-Stay program, which Northshore has provided testing and staff for.

Northshore will continue to provide resources and support in the fight against the pandemic as it evolves and new variants arise.


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