Typically relationships have casual beginnings. It may start with a first look in which your eyes meet and you feel a sense of connection. That is the initial feeling of attraction. In most cases we will need a little time to determine if the attraction is real. This may only be a matter of minutes or even seconds but nonetheless our minds need time to access the situation.

Next you have a face-to-face interaction. This provides an opportunity to find out how it feels to be around the new person and if the conversations flow. If all goes well the attraction will deepen and you will begin thinking more and more about him or her.

This is the time that you should begin building a friendship. Take time to learn all you can about the person. Capitalize on the things you have in common. Use those things as ways to create bonds and fun times together.

If it has not already happened it is likely that you will begin to feel lust for this person. By lust I am referring to the desire for a physical relationship. You think about how their arms feel around you and how wonderful their kisses are. You may spend time daydreaming about your intimate encounters.

Next you discover that you are in love with the person. You may wonder when exactly the feelings moved from friendship and admiration to that of love and desire. In reality this can all happen very, very quickly or it can take what seems to be a long period of time.

Regardless, you have discovered that you want this person in your life forever. Your skin tingles at their touch and you are ready for the commitment. You find your new partner attractive in ways that you never imagined possible before. This attraction goes much deeper than physical appearances.

Suddenly you are freely using the word love and talking about long-term plans. You will probably by now be spending nights and even weekends together. This ‘practice’ time together is beneficial in lots of ways. Of course there is the obvious fact that you have the time together, but even more importantly you have an opportunity to see how well you get along for extended periods of time.

You get to see what it is like to sleep with that person and wake up next to them. You will see them at their best and at their worst. This is an important component in determining if a long-term relationship with this person is right for you.

The next step for many couples is that of moving in together. Again, this can be an important step to a life-long commitment. It gives you the opportunity to try the waters out before you consider marriage.

Although you will find bumps in the road along the way if your relationship is a solid one you will discover that the bumps only strengthen your commitment to one another. The friendship that is the foundation of your relationship will carry you through those difficult times and you will come out on the other side holding one another’s hands.

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