Interdigital cysts occur quite commonly in dogs. They are the development of cysts between their toes. A cyst is a thin walled sac normally filled with fluid. They can be mild or cause the dog pain on walking.

You may notice that your dog is constantly licking his paws, as they obviously cause discomfort.

Often the cause is the ingress of a grass seed.

Although antibiotics are often prescribed for this condition, it is not a bacterial infection. The cysts is not full of pus, which is the debris from an inflammatory process.

Antibiotics, drugs and vaccines all work by knocking the dog’s immune system for six. A better way is to use a system of health care which works by raising the immune system, so that your dog now has the ability to cure himself. And to prevent further diseases.

The system of health care that works by raising the immune system is called homeopathy.

Homeopathy is not necessarily very easy to use, as you need to be able to match the dog’s symptoms to the medicine what will resolve the problem. Looking for causes also needs knowledge of what to look for. So your best option, for the fastest way to resolution, may be to consult with a professional homeopath.

However, the common homeopathic home prescribing medicines do have a common thread running through many common ailments, so you might like to try your hand at some home prescribing. It can be empowering, cost effective, and most important, naturally effective.

If you don’t get the match right, nothing happens. No harm is done, as long as you don’t keep repeating the medicine, or use high potencies. The safest potency (strength) to use when you are starting out is the 6c potency.

Silica is a common home prescribing medicine which can resolve interdigital cysts, by raising your dog’s immune system. To be effective, you need to see your dog’s overall symptoms within those of the medicine.

The strong keynote skin symptoms of Silica include:

  • abscesses anywhere
  • unhealthy skin
  • wounds, injuries don’t heal, suppurate
  • fistulae
  • ulcers
  • felons, whitlows (abscess near nail)
  • boils
  • painful scars, keloids
  • warts
  • promotes expulsion of foreign bodies
  • coldness, better for warmth

If the cause was grass seeds embedding themselves in the skin between the toes, then you will find that it will completely resolve the condition, normally over a few days, if it has only recently occurred.

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