Did you know that keeping your pet well-groomed is not just a great way of keeping them cute and cuddly, but also a great tool to help you detect any health problems? Identifying your pet’s health conditions is often a difficult task, as our pets could not aptly describe what they are particularly feeling or experiencing.

Keeping our dogs well-groomed will help us get in tune with our dog’s health. Changes in our dog’s appearance like hair loss, dry and scaly skin, accompanied by constant itching and scratching are the warning signals of health ailments. Keeping our pets tidy will make it a whole lot easier to spot unusual behaviors such as constant itching and scratching.

Thus, it is always best to bring our pets to our veterinarians at least twice a month for a thorough medical check-up and good grooming. My friend CJ, who owns a pet grooming facility that offers a one-stop pet shop for grooming packages like haircut, nail trimming, ear cleaning, hair shampoo and teeth brushing, suggests the following helpful tips on how we can make our little, adorable pets look and feel their best:

1. Apply the hundred brush strokes technique. Make sure that you set some time to brush the coat of your pet to prevent hair build up and excessive hair shedding. The hundred brush strokes may be over the top to do in a single sitting, but do practice brushing the coat as often as possible to promote coat luster. This technique will also help you establish an unbreakable bond with your dog.

2. Trim their nails. Dogs and cats alike rarely love nail trimming. This is because dogs find it uncomfortable if their paws are handled and they find it equally painful if their nails are cut too short. Most dog owners would only let their veterinarians and professionals like CJ handle nail trimming. Professional nail trimming will avert any unwanted experiences that may cause your dogs to continually avoid this grooming requirement.

3. Take them for a dip in the tub. Our dogs love baths: a good bathing at least once a week will ensure that they will be free from parasites like fleas and ticks. This good grooming practice will also help keep their skins healthy and their coats full. Skin ailments and presence of particular parasites may be addressed by using specific shampoos.

Among the most common ailments affecting our pet dog’s health are skin problems, and constant dog scratching and licking may be a good sign of terrible itching. These dog skin problems may be due to the presence of parasites like fleas, ticks and other pests. This is why essential and good grooming should always be on top of our considerations when ensuring our pet dog’s health.

All these things should be augmented with proper nutrition and healthy diet. Following a recommended diet by your veterinarian and giving our pet dogs enough protein to build strong muscles, enough Omega 3 and fish oil to maintain skin clarity and coat luster, and enough calcium to keep our pets active and strong are among the over-all well-being of our pets.

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