During our first days in each Social Studies class in school, the usual question of the teacher would be “What is the importance of social studies?” This question goes on almost each year. This is for the benefit of the students to remember what they have learned from their previous year. For a broader yet clearer sense, we will discuss what social studies are, and why it is important for us to learn the concepts of it.

The main purpose of this subject is for us to become better citizens. We do this by studying our past. It is a study of history, but in a wider perspective. Here, we can learn how civilizations came about and how humanity began from then on. It also tells us about the improvement that the world has achieved from the generations that have passed. When we understand the past more clearly, we will understand the different human interactions the early people made and how it brought the civilization of today.

We are not only studying about the past and our history, we also learn about the methods that people used to improve their societies. Social studies have a very wide scope and it has so many branches and other fields of study. It is also a very interesting subject to learn because it helps us learn about almost anything under the sun.

By studying it, we can also develop nature values that will help us become better people, and how we can improve and contribute to our society. Each of the branches of study relates with science. Science and history are much related based upon the artifacts, historical beginnings, and origins of humanity.

If we try to understand this subject, we are going to learn a lot not only about how the world came about, but also how the world of today was made. Along the years, we can see that the world continues to evolve and change. These are all written and recorded in our history which the students of tomorrow will later study. We are building the world more and more.

All of the things we are using today and the methods we are relying with our everyday lives are all the results of what humans were. It is what they have formulated, discovered and invented in making our lives easier. We owe much from the people of the past. We can expect so much more in the near future regarding on how much we already know at this moment. We can still invent more, discover more, and improve our lives better.

Those are the reasons why social studies is a very important subject to learn.

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