One of the most popular of all citrus fruits, oranges attract maximum fan following on account of their juicy, tangy and pulpy taste. This citrus fruit is not only a great source of Vitamin C but is also a healthy reenergizing drink. Research suggests that more than 70% of the US population consume orange juice. No fitness enthusiast begins his day without a glass of orange juice! Inspite of its universal popularity, few people are aware of some of the most interesting facts associated with this fruit. Given below are some juicy orange facts.

a) Oranges were first imported from China to the United States. It is the fourth most popular fruit in the US besides being the largest citrus crop in the world.

b) Brazil is the largest producer of oranges in the world!

c) The origin of citrus fruit can be traced to Asia some 20 million years ago. Citrus was first mentioned in literature in 2400 B.C. However, it’s been just 125 years since the United States started cultivating orange trees.

d) Oranges are available in multiple varieties including Valencia orange, navel orange, Hamlin, Moro and so on. Navel oranges are more popular as they can be easily peeled off.

e) The name ‘navel orange’ has been derived from the appearance of the fruit, which resembles a bellybutton or navel.

f) In 1873, three navel orange trees were brought from Brazil and planted in Riverside, California. Today, one of the three original trees is still alive and producing fruit!

g) Many people confuse the quality of oranges on account of a greenish tinge on its skin. A little green on orange surface is chiefly the result of ‘Re-greening’ (a process where ripe oranges turn from orange to green left on the trees for long). However, this does not affect either the taste or nutrition of the fruit.

h) Oranges have more fiber content than most fruits and vegetables!

i) Celebrities like the music king Russell Simmons, actor William Shatner and model Angela Lindvall worked behind the counters of a local orange juice store before initiating their famous careers.

These orange fun facts will really make you feel amazed the next time you see a glass of orange juice lying on your table. Any why not, hardly anyone pays attention to the simple things around us!

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