The powerful chemical substances contained in oregano oil are the main reasons why it is very effective in treating diseases. It packs a powerful combination of flavonoids, phytochemicals and phenols that drug-resistant microbes cannot stand. In addition, it has considerable amounts of vitamins, minerals and trace elements that will make your body stronger in fighting diseases.

Experts believe that this excellent combination of potent substances can be attributed to the place where the wild oregano plant Origanum vulgare grows. This is the best source of oregano oil. These plants grow in the mountaintops of Greece, Turkey and Portugal where harsh climate prevails and the soil is very rich in minerals. The leaves of these plants are crushed and then the oil is extracted and distilled.

Uses of Oregano Oil

Scientists have already determined the potent chemicals that make oregano oil very effective in killing harmful microbes. Knowing this, we are now able to determine where they can be best used. In general, they can be used to treat diseases and make our body stronger. But because of its antiseptic qualities, this substance is also extensively used for commercial purposes.

Oregano Oil Medicinal Uses

The treatment of diseases is the most beneficial way of using oil of oregano. Here are some of the diseases that can be treated with this oil.

· Respiratory diseases – such as colds, cough, sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia. Most antibiotics are not effective for such illnesses but with a few drops of this oil every day, the virus that causes the illness will be eliminated. Take it until your condition clears up.

· Acne, eczema, ringworm and other skin diseases – most skin diseases are exacerbated by skin infection which is caused by bacteria. This oil can effectively eradicate colonies of bacteria and will allow them to multiply.

· Arthritis – this oil has an active agent called carvacrol. This substance was found by scientists to have the same pain killing effect of morphine therefore it can be used to relieve the pain caused by arthritis. Oregano oil is also known as an ant inflammatory agent therefore it can be used the inflammation associated with arthritis.

· Herpes – since this essential oil can eradicate viruses, it can stop the growth of HSV or Herpes simplex virus.

· Other diseases that are caused by viruses, fungi, parasites and bacteria such as MRSA, Candida, nail fungus, etc.

– Various other oregano oil medicinal uses.

Commercial Uses

The antiseptic qualities of oregano oil are extensively used in the production of the following products:

· Cosmetics – facial creams and similar items

· Soaps, detergents and hand wash

· Household Disinfectant

· Food preservative

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