I read some books telling about how to maintain strong relationship between husband and wife and I find some of them really effective. However, some of the tips I read especially for the husband on how to maintain his relationship with his wife were detailed. I can simply say by my experience that the strongest way of maintaining a happy relationship with your wife is by courting her every day.

Courting your wife every day is important. Usually when a man likes a woman he has to woo her and impress her so that he can gradually have her heart. This is what we husbands did when we tried to make our woman swept her feet for us. But during marriage most of the husbands start taking for granted the feeling of his wife. This is the greatest failure of most of the husbands and became the reason why most of the wives get depressed. Your wife needs to be impressed and be loved especially by you forever. It is her happily ever after longing before she marries you.

The love that your wife has for you is indeed the fuel which both of you needed to fire the passion of your relationship. Your wife will lighten the mood of your house; she will take care of you and your children. Therefore she deserves every love and care in return telling her how good she is and how thankful you are from having her. It is easier to court your wife because she already loves you. Everything else that you will do to impress her will make that love foundation even stronger and stable.

Why God created Eve for Adam anyway? For me, it is for the reason that a man should be completed and achieves the highest state of happiness which he could not do for himself. This is the very aim why a man should get married he has to complete himself by having a wife. Thus, a happy and fulfilling relationship with your wife is your very aim why you get married in the first place.

To achieve this lasting relationship with your wife you have to take care of her love. You have to make sure that the love foundation she has for you will be maintained and becomes stronger as time goes by. To do this you have to court her every day. This is not difficult to do especially if you really love your wife. During marriage there are lots of trials which a couple is bound to have and the only way to combat both the easy and hardest problems they will ever encounter is to face them together.

If you take for granted the psychological need of your wife for love and care then you are starting to undermine your relationship with her. You will then begin experiencing some misunderstandings. You will have difficulty understanding each other for just small things for no apparent reason. You will start shouting at each other and say things that you are not supposed to say to each other for being married. All these will happen because your hearts are getting apart and the love foundation that makes you a couple is diminishing.

In being together and in-love nothing can destroy your relationship. Not even death because love is greater than death. If you are in love with each other there are no issues that cannot be easily settled because you will try as much as possible not to offend or hurt your partner. Make this a wakeup call for husbands; maintain your relationship with your wife. Love her every day and she will love you even more. Most of the successful marriages are built on this idea, especially those couples that make God the center of their relationship.

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