How many of you have cried during love making or on the other hand, witnessed your mate crying while you were making love to her? Then afterward perhaps you asked her why she was crying? Was she able to give you an answer? Ladies, did you even know where those tears arose from?

In order for you to first understand why she was crying, we will need to explore the world of energy, better known as Energy Wellness. According to Quantum Physics, everything is made up of energy. Even objects that appear solid are made up of energy that is in constant motion moving at a very slow rate. Humans consume food to store and process energy. We exercise to circulate energy for physical fitness. Doctors use various biofeedback machines such as x-rays, to understand certain human conditions that function through energy via electromagnetic frequencies.

The human body, when considering the physical systems (circulatory, digestive, muscular, etc.) and subtle bodies (aura, chakras, nadis, etc.) is made up of well over 20 energy systems. These energy systems dictate the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of an individual. When a person experiences trauma or emotional upset, the human body responds or reacts based upon the belief system of that person. The emotions, if not transmuted into something higher or more positive, will get lodged in any area of the body as emotions carry a vibrational frequency equivalent to organs, glands, tissues, or muscles.

In the case of the sexual reproductive organs, they house a particular energy center in the body known as the Svadhisthana chakra. Svadhisthana is Sanskrit and means “dwelling place of the self”. Chakra means “spinning wheels of light”. We have several chakras (pronounced chuk-ruh) throughout the body that take in energy from the planet and the universe so with this one in particular it has everything to do with procreation, creativity, how we associate ourselves with the world and our perspective of ourselves within the world. It is also associated with the element of water and therefore is relative to our circulatory system, urine, menstruation, and tears.

Most women have a tendency to put everyone else before themselves. The woman’s dreams and aspirations are often put on the back burner or never pursued. Going even deeper statistics state that 1 out of every 6 women have been victims of an attempted or completed rape and 1 out of 3 are victims of domestic violence. In addition to that, many women are suffering from endometriosis, cysts, fibroids, hysterectomies, and other reproductive issues that further demonstrate the imbalance of energies that are within the walls of the womb.

All of the above issues affect the esteem and image of the woman on a subconscious level. In events where emotions run high, intense, or extreme, the subconscious becomes programmed with the thought and emotion of that event. The emotional memory gets stored in the limbic system of the brain and the emotional trigger (what makes a person react rather than respond) gets stored in the cellular memory of the body. There are various methods and techniques available to release the negative thoughts and emotions associated with past events, but very few people put these methods and techniques into practice.

With sexual intimacy, it is a time where the emotions run high because of the display of passion and the stimulation of the body’s major energy centers (chakras). As energy was made to circulate throughout the body and not stand still, some women experience a build up of energy known as ORGASM. The orgasmic energy, with its procreative power, will push through those suppressed emotions as the energy itself has to break free and because the woman is in a heightened state of awareness and her subconscious is wide open and fully attuned to the innate wisdom of the body, she begins making sounds. The sounds are the direct expression of the body itself and with precision, she coos on key, releasing the vibrational imprint of past emotions (energy in motion) that has been stored within the walls of her womb. People – this is truly sexual healing at its finest! When she gets to that point that she can no longer control facial expressions or bodily movements and she lets go and surrenders herself to Spirit (what? did you think she was surrendering to you? naw, you’re just the vehicle through which Spirit operates), the tears come forth. On a scientific level what this means is that the parasympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system has stimulated the lacrimal glands via neurotransmitters and receptors. The lacrimal glands are what are responsible for producing tears. So in a nutshell your body basically told itself that it was time to release those emotions. Her body’s wisdom knows and understands why and it does exactly what it needs to, without our permission. We just fall in rhythm and let good loving be.

The thing about emotional healing is that once you open up emotionally and release the tears, you have to reprogram what it is you want to experience right at that moment. The subconscious is wide open and all of your energy channels in your body are ready to receive a replacement of the negative emotions it just released. See the truth of the matter is that energy doesn’t really get “released” it only changes from one form into another. This is better known as transmutation. Sexual healing and the power of the orgasm give you the opportunity to rewrite your life. It gives you a chance to see life from a different perspective. You can either vocalize your newfound choice or internalize it and send that feeling throughout your body. Later that day when you finish making love, or if it has gone into the wee hours of the night, then on the next day, take some time to reinforce your decision. This will help you, the woman, to have a healthier and stronger relationship with yourself and your mate.

For the men who are true passionate lovers and are not afraid of surrendering to Divine Love and expressing themselves, all of the above applies to you as well. This is a part of your Energetic Wellness and as such, you have the right to walk in your power as well.

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