A healthy relationship is where both partners are free to be themselves without fear, threats, intimidations, abuse or any negative pressure from each other. In a healthy relationship, you and your partner should enjoy one another’s love reciprocating the love accordingly. Respect for each other should be felt and worked to enjoy each other’s company.

In a healthy relationship, each partner should earn each other’s trust, showing kindness without taking it for granted. In this article, you will learn five crucial tips that partners should apply in their relationship to make it healthier and accommodative to them.

1. Healthy communication

The first thing to make a healthy relationship is by making sure that both of you understands each other’s needs and expectations. The requirements can only be identified when each one of you speaks out about what you feel or what is bothering you without fear of being judged.

There are times where both of you don’t agree on a particular issue which is always familiar, but your disagreements should not bring about heated conflicts or arguments. You and your partner should instead try to compromise and reach a fair and content ground where each partner feels okay.

Apart from disagreements, you should also communicate with each other by encouraging one another. Motivating words that give hope and assuring each other to be there for them during the time of need. Despite all this, there are times when you need to have your space and don’t feel to tell your partner everything.

2. Having Fun Together

To make your relationship healthier, you should both identify an activity where both of you can participate. The event can be either watching a movie together, competing games, dancing, having a meal together, farming together or any other activity that will bring you closer to one another.

You can also try something unique with your partner, maybe what your partner knows and you don’t, you can teach one another, and by doing this, you will become more close and intimate. Try to make the fun to be of more quality than quantity.

3. Have Good Sex

Good sex is an excellent recipe for a healthy relationship. Having it more frequently makes you and your partner connect even more. Sex brings about the excitement in a relationship hence making you desire to be close to each other all the time.

You should not push away your partner’s sex advances when you are not in the mood. If you don’t want it at that particular time, postpone it and initiate it some other time

4. Apologize

Even if you are in a good relationship, there comes a time when you wrong with your partner. It is always good to tender your apology sincerely and not just for the sake of it. Accept you have made a mistake even if you feel like you did nothing wrong. Just accept your mate is hurting and by apologizing, you are going to make a real impact in your relationship.

Through apologizing, you will gain back your partner’s trust and dignity hence mending your relationship. You would start communicating again if you had reached a point whereby you were not talking to each other. An apology makes your partner know that you were not proud of what you did, and the mistake will not repeat its self.

5. Creating Your Own Time

As much as it is essential to spend quality time with your partner, it is also good to have a private time. Having time alone will help you improve your self-esteem by taking care of yourself by engaging with other people and different activities apart from your partner. You can experience bad moods, get irritated or sometimes develop a defensive attitude for being confined too much to one person or business all the time.

It is always advisable as a couple to plan when each one of you will have a ‘me alone’ time. The time can be used to engage in other activities which you find interesting apart from your relationship. The actions may include; shopping, chatting with friends, working out in a gym and many other things which makes you happy.


As a couple, if you observe and put in to practice the few mentioned tips, you and your partner will have a good relationship and enjoy each other’s company. But being in a good relationship does not mean that you should lose yourself and your ambitions. An excellent and healthy relationship should build you and make you better than you were when single. Two are always better than one, so you and your partner should complement each by putting your partner’s interest before yours.

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