I woke up one morning feeling very terrible; my head banged as though there were people dancing masquerade inside my cranium. I tried to take my mind off the pain but just couldn’t: the more I tried to relax the worse the pain became. Several things began to race across my mind. Have I become hypertensive? I asked, talking to no one in particular. I finally decided to see my Klikdokter doctor and after a series of tests I was told what I had was just malaria.

The doctor took time to explain to me what I should ask myself if I thought I was experiencing hypertension. So what are those questions to ask yourself?

1.    Am I having a terrible headache? One thing that could be a warning signal that you may be experiencing hypertension is if you have severe occipital headache (at the back of your head) especially in the mornings.

2.    Am I losing sleep? Losing your sleep or suffering from a medical condition known as insomnia could be a warning that you may be having hypertension especially if you have no other way of explaining the cause of your sleeplessness.

3.    Do I have any difficulty breathing? One other way you could know if you may be experiencing hypertension is if you suddenly begin to suffer shortness of breath. This should serve as a signal that you may be having a mild form of complication already setting in.

4.    Am I dizzy? This is a feeling of unsteadiness or haziness and is usually accompanied by anxiety. If you are sure that that describes the symptom you have you need to see the doctor to find out if you are having hypertension.

5.    Any palpitation? Do you have any rapid and forceful contraction in your heart? Then there is need to ask if you are becoming hypertensive. It could just be a warning sign or it could also be another condition. You need to see a doctor to be sure what it is.

6.    Chest pain? Is there any chest pain or any heaviness on your chest? They are a warning that should not be overlooked. Find out what exactly might be responsible for such pain or heaviness.

7.    Am I urinating frequently? That you urinate frequently could be a sign that your kidneys are experiencing some kind of distress as a result of hypertension which may have affected the vessels of your kidneys

8.    Do I see clearly? If you are no longer seeing clearly or you feel there is reduction in your visual acuity this might well be a warning to you too. Don’t play with it; inquire further by visiting your doctor.

9.    Sexual difficulty? Are still enjoying sex with your spouse the way you use to some years back? A sudden or gradual decline in your sexual capacity or libido may just tell you that hypertension is already with you. Don’t conclude you have it, you need to see the doctor for proper investigation.

10.    Buzzing in your ears? Has there been buzzing, ringing or roaring sound in your ears of recent? If there has then there is the possibility that you may be experiencing hypertension. You need to be concerned even if the ringing or roaring is mild

11.    A feeling of rotation? One more question you need to ask yourself is if you have a feeling of rotation inside you or in your surroundings. This could mean that there is a serious problem somewhere in your system.

However, you should not conclude that you are experiencing hypertension because you have one or more of the afore-mentioned symptoms. You need to see a doctor for investigations to be carried out before you make your conclusions.