Tips to identify originals from fake cosmetic products | Lifestyle News,The  Indian Express

People favour cosmetic hair products for maintaining their hair and making them look glossy. Different online websites in the UK are investing their skills and expertise to provide their customers with hair products that can increase the length and make your hair lustrous. However, it is not easy to trust online haircare and skincare products. 

Visit if you want to find a good source of hair cosmetics online through customer reviews who have already invested in the products and have experience shopping from reliable online sources. Like the lux hair shop with a good customer rating with a range of hair care and cosmetic products. You must consider some precautions before applying cosmetics to your skin and your hair, as they can cause any harm due to the chemicals present in the products. Here is what you should think before buying hair cosmetics online.

  1. Analyse the general customer ratings

Customer ratings over the years have advanced the way people shop as most of the customers online now rely on watching over customer reviews before shopping or looking for something online. Online shopping nowadays is 80% depending on customer ratings and reviews. So before opting for any online shop related to hair or skin products, read the customer reviews to know about the brand.

  1. Save money to invest in brands.

Shopping from a famous brand can be a way to save yourself from substandard and low-cost products that are always low in quality. Permanently save money to invest in a good website or product with good customer ratings. Use products from reputed brands as they take responsibility for their products due to the strong marketing game and the tactics they use to attract more customers and increase their market worth responsibly.

  1. Review the list of ingredients

Ingredients and products that are used must be of the best quality and well regulated before purchasing something. Review the elements first before opting for something interacting with your skin. Search for websites that promote the use of authentic products as a part of their ingredients and don’t only focus on the packaging and the marketing of the products. 

  1. Purchase dermatologist-recommended products

Some brands readily offer dermatologist-approved products in their stock, while some may not mention it with them. For the ones approved by the skin specialists and several lab tests under the dermatology department are implemented on them. Other than that, you can personally take a product to your nearest dermatologist to get the product ingredients approved to be used. It can save you all the insecurities you might have related to your concerns for hair.


Haircare and skincare products are the ones that are closely interacting with our skin and must be regulated with the chemicals they use, as the chemicals can pose a danger to our skin. Always choose products from good markets and perform a patch test on your skin to check the reaction.