Housewives spend a lot of time in kitchen in the preparation of meals. They care for the health of the family and that is why spending the most precious time in kitchen would result in the making of the most savory and healthy recipes for maintaining the health of family.

Meals have to be nutritious and at the same time tasty while being absolutely good in presentation. Too much use of butter, cheese or cream would increase the weight and too few proteins do not provide health. A balanced diet, healthy diet is ideal whether for small children or for parents.

Vegetables such as the tomato, cabbage, beetroot, radish, broccoli, carrot, capsicum, cucumber, pumpkin are very good as a daily diet. Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, mint, coriander, ausperagus are also good if included in daily meal. Cooking time of vegetables must not be more than 10-15 minutes as more cooking time would lower down the energy levels that are within the vegetables. The point is, cooking time must be minimized and most importantly, vegetables have to be covered while cooking.

Salads, soups, deserts, are excellent if included in daily diet. All kind of cereals can also be consumed which carry heavy energy levels for the body. Apart from this wheat flour, corn flakes and milk must be used in daily meal in several forms.

Cookies and biscuits are excellent for children if given along with milk. Ice cream, soft drinks and pizzas should be minimized as these increase the weight of children. These foods can be consumed on a holiday or occasionally in parties.

Use of bread, jam, sauce is good for children. Dough nuts, cereal, vegetable salad and fresh fruit juices are a must for every family member on a daily basis.

Meat, fish and eggs can be added to the meal weekly once, as these lead to more weight gain although non-vegetarian meals are excellent in protein and energy levels. Depending on the physical energy and exercise that is required per day, meals have to be prepared.

Cooking at home must be fresh and less oil must be used. Left overs must never be preserved in refrigerator and it is good to have a fresh meal every day.

Having warm or hot meals is ideal as there is zero-bacteria in hot servings. Eating outside should be minimized and carrying a lunch box whether it is a sandwich or a tortilla, home cooking is good as it preserves health.

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