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The demand for nurses is continuously increasing and nurse staffing agencies in New Orleans, LA are continuously doing their jobs too to be able to serve as a bridge for nurses and medical facilities. They distribute nurses to places where they are needed. Here is a growth guide for staffing: how do nurse staffing agencies sustain the demand for travel nurses in New Orleans. 

Offering Good Compensation

Travel nurse agencies are being competitive when getting nurses to work with them. That’s why most often offer a good pay to attract more nurses to work under them. Apart from the hourly rate, giving benefits can also attract more nurses to work with the travel nurse agencies. Most travel nurse agencies offer benefits such as free housing, reimbursement on expenses related to work such as travel expenses, scrub expenses, and others. Giving competitive rates and benefits is one way of getting more nurses to work with them. Good compensation can keep their business going and be able to contribute to meeting demands for travel nurses. 

Giving Full Support to their Nurses 

Travel nurses undergo a lot of adjustments every time they get assignments. As their travel nurse agency, they have to be able to support them from application until they finish each assignment and start all over again once their nurses get assigned to a new place. Getting support from their team can keep their nurses more efficient and be able to perform their duties well and avoid the hassle in their work. Knowing that someone got their back can help them be more at ease and confident. 


Upon application, travel nurse agencies are open to all the details necessary for the aspiring travel nurse to know. In this way, there will be a clear agreement between them and the medical facilities as well. They made the rules clear to avoid issues in the future. By doing so they can build trust with their nurses and they can keep their nurses working with them since they are honest enough in updating them with changes if there are any. 

Continuous Training and Education for Nurses

Travel nurse agencies give continuous training for their nurses so they can enhance their skills as well as work more efficiently as a nurse. Training can also be helpful since updates in medical areas always have new ones. Nurses need to get updated so they can be competitive in doing their duties and responsibilities. So to help their nurses better nurse staffing agencies give training and educate their nurses now and then so they can uphold their repetitions as well as have more competitive nurses. 

What Should You Look For In A Nursing Agency?

As a nurse, you should also do your research so you can pick the perfect nursing agency for you. Know their backgrounds and check their offers. Here are some factors you can consider:

Agency’s Reputation 

Checking on the reputation can tell you if the travel nurse agency handles their nurses well. Getting a real recommendation from a nurse you know can also be a good day to know that a travel nurse agency indeed has a good reputation. 

Rates they Offer

Make sure to be familiar with the average hourly rates so you can compare the rates that travel nurse agencies offer to you. Pick rates that are average or even above average since this means they are honest enough to give you the pay you deserve.  

Job Availability 

Choose agencies that can give you all-year-round assignments if you want to maximize your time as well as get more experience to advance your career in the future. However, if you want to have more free time then working with travel nurse agencies that give lesser assignments can be ideal for you. Find a nursing staffing agency that can fit your expectations and your schedule as well. 

Having an idea on the Growth guide for staffing: how do nurse staffing agencies sustain the demand of travel nurses in New Orleans can serve as your guide for you to know more about what a nurse staffing agency can do for you. Choose a nurse staging agency that has the same vision as you so you can practice your profession well as be able to make your future goal happen.