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Denmark is regarded as one of the best in the world in terms of health care. This is due to its remarkable funding of public healthcare and the availability of modern technology in medical facilities. Therefore, online reviews in Denmark have shown that healthcare is quite affordable in Denmark.

The country has many health companies providing different health-related equipment, ideas, and solutions. Below are some of these notable names in the healthcare sector in Denmark.

Novo Nordisk A/S

Novo Nordisk is one of the foremost health companies in Denmark. The company focuses on research, production, growth, and distribution of pharmaceutical products. The brand was established about a century ago, and its main office is located in Bagsvaerd, Denmark. It has a universal reach, and its products can be found in other regions.

The company’s diabetes and obesity section develop insulin, oral antidiabetic products, and others. In comparison, its biopharmaceuticals section provides solutions for growth challenges, hemophilia, and hormone replacement therapy. The company has effectively partnered with Gilead Sciences, Inc. and Lumen Bioscience to realize its visions further.

Genmab A/S

Genmab is a biotech brand in Denmark. The company was established in 1999 by Florian Schonharting, the managing director of the BankInvest Biomedical venture fund. Genmab is located in Copenhagen, Denmark, and has over a thousand employees.

Genmab’s vision is to produce an effective solution for cancer treatment through antibody therapeutics. The company is driven by nature and believes in the immune system’s strength to provide innovative cancer treatment technologies. The company has expanded to include other subsidiaries, including Genmab B.V., GenmabLtd., Genmab Inc., and Genmab US, Inc. the company reportedly made over 8 billion Dkk in revenue in 2021.

Demant A/S

Demant is an auditory healthcare brand in Denmark with a global reputation. The company provides quality hearing aids and personal and audiometric products. The company has existed since 1904 and has many subsidiaries, including Bernafon, Oticon, Audika Italia Sri, Oticon Medical Ab, and more.

It aims to provide innovative and essential solutions to improve health and auditory capacity. The company covers over 100 countries and employs about 20,000 people. Its major shareholder is the William Demant Foundation.

Ascendis Pharma

Ascendis Pharma is an innovative health company that develops and manufactures solutions for endocrinology, growth hormone deficiency, infectious diseases, CNS disorders, and more. The company can meet global demands through its subsidiaries, including Ascendis Pharma Inc. (US), Ascendis Pharma GmbH (Germany), and others. The company was established in 2006, and its main base is in Tuborg, Denmark. Ascendis Pharma’s innovative technology has been hailed globally.

GN Store Nord

GN Store Nord is another top health company in Denmark. The brand was established in 1869 by Carl Frederik Tietgen. GN Store Nord produces efficient headsets and hearing aids through its innovative technologies. 

The company’s main base is in Ballerup, Denmark. GN Store Nord boasts over 5000 employees and made over 15.7 billion DKK revenues in 2021. Its subsidiaries include GN Hearing Care Corporation, ReSound, Beltone, GN Audio A/S, and Jabra.


In conclusion, Denmark’s healthcare industry is diverse and populated with innovative and passion-driven brands with worldwide acclaim. These brands are constantly working to solve critical health issues and improve the quality of life in and beyond Denmark. 

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