Are you looking for tips for giving flowers to your girlfriend? If so, as a retired florist, I think I can help. Guys used to come into our flower shop often asking what types of flowers are appropriate for giving to their girlfriend. But first of all, I congratulate you for thinking of sending flowers to a lucky girl in the first place.

The first consideration in selecting which flowers to buy for your girlfriend is the stage you are at in your relationship. Is this your first date or have you been going out for a few months or a few years? Are you buying flowers for a special occasion or just to say I love you or I’m thinking of you? Let me attempt to answer all these questions…

If you want to bring flowers or get flowers delivered to your girl before your first date, the best idea is to send a small mixed bouquet of seasonal flowers, nothing extravagant, just a pretty little bouquet. If you have been going out for a while, a medium or large mixed bouquet would be well appreciated. This bouquet could be wrapped in cello or in a vase depending on where you are bringing the flowers.

If you are sending the bouquet to her house or apartment you could bring or get a vase bouquet or a wrapped bouquet. If however you are bringing flowers on a date at a restaurant, you may want to bring an easy to carry bouquet in a vase or an arrangement in a keepsake cup or other type of container that she can keep to be reminded of you every time she sees it even after the flowers are dead. If your date will have you going to many places and you don’t want her to have the hassle of dragging the flowers all across town, you can bring her a single rose or a corsage.

For the rose, whatever you do, don’t bring her a red rose on a first date! This is way too heavy for a first encounter! Roses are the most symbolic of flowers. Every rose has a different meaning and you can definitely look into that to send the proper message. If you have been going out for a while and you do want to tell her you love her with flowers, by all means give her red roses. At the beginning of a relationship if you go with yellow roses for friendship or pink roses for joyfulness and appreciation, you will be safe. Make sure to get a water pick so the rose stays healthy all night. A corsage, specifically a wristlet corsage would be perfect if you are taking her at a dance or club. Again, don’t make it too big as to scare her off if this is your first date.

Whether you want to send flowers to your girlfriend to celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary you have a choice of sending a seasonal mixed bouquet in a vase or a bouquet of roses. However, the most important part of the flower gift giving process is the sentiment card you will attach to the bouquet. Try to write more than Happy Birthday with love, John or something of the kind. Something more like: You mean so much to me, thanks for being such a wonderful girlfriend or Looking forward to getting to know you better, I love spending time with you will be a much better hit.

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