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With the technology that we have now, there have been a lot of non-surgical ways that you could sculpt your body, non-surgical butt sculpt would just have to be one of them. They would be able to target some of the subcutaneous tissue layers that are found on your buttocks, so it would be able to tighten your skin, lift your buttocks, and cause you to have more volume in the targeted area.

If you are planning on getting your body naturally sculpted, specifically your buttocks region, then you could get your perfect butt sculpt in San Antonio, TX. This is the ultimate guide to non-surgical butt sculpt in San Antonio, TX.

What is a Non-Surgical Butt Sculpt?

For non-surgical butt sculpt, your healthcare provider would be using Poly-L-Lactic Acid, which is a cosmetic injectable, that would be able to tighten, volumize, and lift some of the tissues on your buttocks areas that are sagging. They are going to use these injections to help stimulate the collagen in the tissue layers of your butt. You would notice that it would help volumize the targeted area before it would lift gradually, all in a matter of 3 months. 

How Does It Work in San Antonio, TX?

There is a non-surgical butt sculpt called the injectable butt lift where they would use dermal fillers to help add some volume, shape and more curve to your buttocks. They are going to use either dermal fillers or fat transfers, depending on your body goals, so that they could enhance how your butt looks and feels. 

There are usually 2 types of injectable butt lift procedures, including the Brazilian butt lift and the Sculptra butt lift. 

Brazilian butt lifts usually involve fat injections where they would involve you needing to transfer some of your fat from other places in your body, but this is considered a surgical procedure because you are going to need anesthesia. 

Sculptra butt lifts, or dermal fillers, are really the only non-surgical butt lifts that are available at the moment because they are going to be using dermal fillers to help enhance how your buttocks look.

Benefits of non-surgical butt sculpt

  1. Natural

With a non-surgical butt sculpt, it would generally rely on your body to help give you the results that you want because it would give this natural process that is found beneath your skin’s surface. So technically speaking, these results would not be fake.

  1. Safe

Compared to surgery, where the risks are usually far more apparent and the recovery is so much longer, non-surgical butt sculpt is safer since they would not need to give you anesthesia or use a scalpel. This is a great option if you do not want to take the invasive route. The fillers that they are going to use would be able to stimulate the collagen that you are producing so that it could give you long-lasting results.

  1. Minimally invasive

You are not going to need to get anesthesia when you get a non-surgical butt sculpt, so it is minimally invasive because they are going to be using injectables. In these injectables, they are going to be using ultra-fine needles so they would be quick and painless. There also would be no need to set aside any downtime so you could go back and do your day-to-day activities after you get your injection.

  1. Gradual results

You would not look like you had done something to your body because the results of the non-surgical butt sculpt is gradual. It would just look like you had been working out at the gym.

Who Can Be A Candidate for Non-Surgical Butt Sculpt in San Antonio?

If you want to be the ideal candidate for a non-surgical butt sculpt, then you need to be in overall good health. Your healthcare provider is going to go through your medical history and they are going to make sure that you have no history of any sort of bleeding conditions or any other conditions that may put you at risk. 

You could also consider getting a Brazilian butt lift if you want to contour some of the parts of your body. They are going to graft some of the fat that is found in your butt and inject them into the other targeted body part but you could always get a dermal filler butt lift if the fat percentage on your body is already low.