How the Body Detoxifies - Lindsey Elmore

When we talk about drug detoxification, we tend to stress its impact on a drug addict. We tend to focus on the symptoms the drugs and alcohol can cause on one’s physical and mental being and how a detox program can help one get out of the loop. However, we barely talk about detox programs being helpful independently, whether you are an addict or not.

A detox program aims to detoxify the harmful toxins in the body to choose to lead a normal, healthy lifestyle. This is something that can happen whether you are a drug addict or not. One can always opt for a detox program to stay away from substances or alcohol for a while or create better boundaries that way. 

Let us look at how the Drug detoxification process can aid one and all – especially drug addicts.

Drug Detoxification – the Process

Drug detoxification programs are of two broad types. They are:

– Private drug detox programs

– Detox programs in a facility

While severely addicted people opt for care in a facility, those who have a mild case of addiction may opt for private drug detox programs. This is easier when one has some control over what they consume and how they consume it. Thus, this is a clear indication that even people who wish to shift to a healthier lifestyle can go for a drug detox program.

However, there are disadvantages of private home detox programs if one cannot judge their addiction correctly. The main problem is the patient is left without any supervision and on their own to take the detox program seriously. 

– It may not be very safe to be around unequipped people.

– The detox program may not work at all

– The withdrawal may be difficult to handle in some cases

To solve this problem, medical health professionals come and go to check on the person. If possible, a drug detoxification process in a facility is the best way to go.

What Can I Expect During a Detox Program?

A drug detox program can be quite intense and difficult for addicts to follow through. Thus there is 24×7 care and surveillance in a facility. There will be appointments with a number of healthcare professionals, which include:

– Medical health experts

– Psychological professionals

– Dieticians

– And physiotherapists

Some of the symptoms one may undergo while going through the drug detox program includes insomnia, sweating, muscle pain, runny nose, depression, and anxiety. The withdrawal symptom, in addition, may make the addict more violent or drawn to themselves. If it gets too bad, medication is administered.

However, following a schedule and sticking to the doctors’ advice can get one out of the program sooner than ever. All one needs is the will to get better and out of the vicious cycle of drug abuse.

What Can I Expect After a Drug Detox Program?

A drug detox program allows patients the opportunity to get back to their life in a healthy and fit way. There are always chances of relapse, so the centres offer therapy, medical services, life skill classes, and relapse prevention classes for people who have gone through the process.

A detox program gives one a new chance at life and makes them confident in their achievements.