A Thai Head Massage is a massage of the head, neck and upper body. It will help to release all the tension and toxins that have accumulated in the muscles, tissues, joints of the head, shoulders, neck and face. The therapist uses a variety of different movements including deep kneading and compression techniques over the head, neck and shoulder blades areas. It also involves massage work on the energy lines and stimulating the pressure points that are located around the head. The massage is completed with a soothing shoulder, neck and upper back massage to break down any remaining stress or tension and release toxins.

Thai Head Massage is a perfect stress-busting treatment for anybody suffering from tension headache, aching shoulders, eye strain, a stiff neck, insomnia, poor concentration or difficulty sleeping. It is a completely safe and simple yet effective form of massage therapy renowned for its stress relieving qualities. The treatment can be given fully clothed and without a treatment table also. It is both versatile and non-invasive so perfect for all the family, even pregnant mums and the elderly.

Along with the traditional Thai massage techniques used the Thai Head Massage borrows many techniques from the ancient Indian head massage. In addition to our physical anatomy there is another normally unseen “subtle” anatomy, the Chakra. The energy vortex or “Chakra” as it is also known as corresponds to the different glands that relate to specific parts of the physical body and also to areas of spiritual and psychological development. Stimulating these energy centres and pathways to perform at their optimum efficiency provide a highly effective way to prevent ill health and promote a greater sense a well being. The balancing of this “Chakra” is essential to maintaining our health and vitality.

What are the benefits of a Thai Head Massage?

  • Antidote to anxiety, stress and mental tension
  • Clears the mind and revitalises mental capacity
  • General “balancing”, giving a sense of calm and peace
  • Works on balancing the Chakras
  • Calming the respiratory system
  • Improves circulation of blood to the head and neck
  • Enhances nourishment to the muscles which helps promote hair growth
  • Improving alertness productivity and concentration
  • Improves lymphatic drainage from the head and neck
  • Improves muscle tone and head and neck mobility
  • Relieves mental and physical stress
  • Relieves eyestrain, sinusitis and congestion
  • Treats headaches, migraines and insomnia

Another benefit of Thai Head Massage is that can perform it on your own head anywhere and anytime. You can try it at home or at your place of work or study to quickly reduce and eliminate any tension, stress or headaches you may have, cause by any anxieties or worries you may be experiencing. You can try this with just a few simple techniques such as squeezing and releasing the trapeziod muscles on your shoulders on both sides side of your neck. Apply palm pressure to your neck muscles in a gentle squeezing motion to release any muscle tension and increase blood circulation to the head. Rotate your middle fingers in small circles along the along the to top of your eyebrows from the centre of your forehead to towards the outside of your eyes. Repeat at the sphenoid bone close to the frontozygomatic suture. Finally squeeze the ear between thumb and your index finger and apply a little pressure. Drag the earlobe down slowly and release to stimulate all the energy points and by applying a moderate pressure make downward strokes along the neck to its base at the shoulders. This will stimulate the release of endorphins and quickly start to alleviate any symptoms of stress or tension you may be having.

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